I have been in the hair industry for about 15years now. Two things that are most rewarding to me in the Industry are making people look and feel good about themselves, in the mirror. I enjoy a good challenge whether it's a great haircut or a fabulous hair colour makeover.  I am experienced & expertise in hair colouring.  As a colourist, I know that colour does affect hair differently, thus the formula should be adjusted accordingly,  especially if the customer's hair is dry, delicate, porous, or resistant.  From identifying a customer’s current hair colour to her desired colour choice, I guide & consult with profession & patience. Yup, it could be taking a couple of minutes extra for a hairdo. But, helping oneself to know more about his/her hair will lead to better colour choice & final result. It’s my passion to make every cent & hour they spent are well returned in satisfaction. 

“The devil is in the detail, so to great result”

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